Analysis Toolkit

Toolkit Instructions

Users can build a toolkit by selecting various resources throughout the toolkit. These resources are saved in the user’s toolkit and can be accessed via the link “View Your Toolkit." Once the user is inside the toolkit, the resources can be downloaded and/or shared. (Note: The toolkit remains active only during the user’s browser session. It is recommended that the toolkit be downloaded and/or shared prior to exiting the site.) The following steps will guide you through building, downloading, and sharing a toolkit.

Step 1:
Select a category

Select a category to view related resources.

Step 2:
Search box

(Optional) Using the search box, search resources within the selected category.

Step 3:

Click "Add to Toolkit" to add a resource in your result set to your toolkit.

Step 4:
View Toolkit

Click "View Toolkit" (upper right corner of the result set) at any point to view/download your toolkit.

Step 5:
Download Toolkit

Click "Download Toolkit" (upper left corner of the toolkit) to download your toolkit.

Step 6:
Share Toolkit

(Optional) Click "Share Toolkit" (upper right corner of the toolkit) to share your toolkit.

Step 7:
Share Toolkit

Title your toolkit and provide an email address to which you would like to send the toolkit link. Click "Email Toolkit".

Step 8:
Share Toolkit Link

(Optional) Copy and paste the link for the toolkit. Send the link to anyone using any application you wish.