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Public Safety Primer on Cloud Technology
The Public Safety Primer on Cloud Technology is a high-level primer for law enforcement and public safety communities regarding video and the cloud environment. With the quantity of video evidence now available, storage is a significant problem for record management systems and bandwidth capability. Obtaining video from a ...
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Video Evidence: A Law Enforcement Guide to Resources and Best Practices
The purpose of this resource is to provide answers to straightforward common questions that law enforcement officers, or the agencies they represent, may have regarding properly securing, collecting, storing, and analyzing video by directing them to valuable tools and resources from experts in the field.  Through ...
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Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Technical Note RESTful Web Services
This Technical Note does not reflect a normative policy position from the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative (Global) community of stakeholders. Rather, it is intended to inform participants and practitioners on architectural compatibility issues known to exist between the Global Reference Architecture and ...
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The Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Service Specification Guideline V 1.2.0
This document is intended to provide a formal, standardized means of creating and understanding service specifications and service specification packages.  This document was revised to Version 1.2 with the following minor changes:  Included the use of underscores between words in all folder names. 
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Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Guidelines for Identifying and Designing Services Version 1.1
The intent of this document is to provide guidelines to justice organizations that have interest in following or applying the Global Reference Architecture (GRA) in development of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). This document concentrates on an approach to identifying and designing services that will enable effective ...
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Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Framework, Version 1.9.1
The Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Framework—is a conceptual framework for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is based on an industry standard, the OASIS SOA Reference Model, which was developed by a committee of industry and government SOA experts, including some of the Global Infrastructure/Standards Working ...